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THEATERWEEK - children's theater for schools in North Brunswick, Middlesex County, New JerseyIn 1988 the National Recreation & Parks Association had a contest. The contest was, “What is the best program for children in the United States of America?” Our Summer Theater Camp was submitted into the contest and won the top honors in the state of New Jersey; then we won the Eastern States' top award, and eventually went on to win the Dorothy Mullen Arts and Humanities Award for “Best Program for Children in the United States of America.” After winning this prestigious award, our company received many calls from school administrators, PTAs, PTOs and Home School Associations asking us to bring our program to their students. Thus we created THEATERWEEK – a Theatrical program designed to build kid's self-esteem and confidence!
THEATERWEEK Performers having fun

Starring Your Students

Taubenslag Productions is now available to come to your school and produce an elaborate full-scale musical production in just five days starring your students. Roles are provided for all who want to participate – whether there are 30 kids or 200 – no child is ever turned away. The actors rehearse after school Monday through Friday for two hours each day, and present their fully-staged musical production Friday evening to the entire community. As the curtain opens, parents, family and friends are delighted to see the children's colorful costumes, the elaborate scenery, and the array of smiles. Click here to see photos and costumes from some of our THEATERWEEK shows.

Great Self-Esteem Builder

THEATERWEEK is designed to build a child's self-esteem and confidence. Our motto is,
“When you try your best – you can do anything”. No scripts are ever used. Every word the children say is what we tell them to say – and if they forget their line – it’s okay to make up a new one! As the week progresses, the children realize when they do try their best, they can really accomplish anything. For many children, THEATERWEEK is their first chance to shine and succeed in front of their family, friends and peers.
THEATERWEEK Performers in a NJ performance

Fantastic Fundraiser

While THEATERWEEK has been provided by some schools as a cultural enrichment program it can also be an excellent fundraiser. Many PTAs, PTOs and HSAs have raised a considerable amount of money by selling tickets, flowers, tee shirts, refreshments and boosters in the Playbill. The possibilities are endless!

Make It an Annual Treat

THEATERWEEK Performers - Schools love theaterweek

Since winning the prestigious award in 1988; our original THEATERWEEK program has been presented in schools throughout the United States with more than 100,000 children performing. Participating students have gained experience, knowledge and a greater appreciation for the performing arts. THEATERWEEK has been such a success that schools continue to bring us back year after year as an annual treat for their students. Many of our schools have been with us over 5, 10, 15 even 20 or more years; providing an amazing tradition for their students!  Read our “Rave Reviews” and see why.

All Original Musical Productions

Every show we do is a Taubenslag Productions' ORIGINAL Musical based on a classic tale or story. Each show has been written specifically to include many characters so there's a role for every child who wants to participate. ALL of our shows teach a valuable lesson or moral, while also being lots of FUN to perform. Whether its about anti-bullying, accepting each other's differences, trying your best in life, or how to be a good friend – everyone takes home a positive message. All of the lessons we hit upon are perfect for any school or organization!  We have 8 FUN shows designed to rotate in order:

  • The Rotten Princess
  • The Golden Goose
  • The Pied Piper's Wild West Show
  • The Legend of Bully Jo
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Brave Little Tailors of Transylvania
  • The Silly Adventures of Sinbad
  • Oliver Twist

THEATERWEEK is a Tremendous Value

We produce the full one-hour musical which includes the following:

  • An experienced and fun THEATERWEEK director for the week’s rehearsals and Friday evening performance
  • An original musical production and accompanying music
  • A written summary of the production and cast of characters if needed for the Playbill. Playbill covers are also supplied.
  • Lyrics sheets for all songs
  • Professional costumes for main characters
  • Costume sheets for all secondary characters and ensemble. These costumes are comprised of everyday clothing/items that are typically found in most households so parents and guardians aren’t required to purchase anything more
  • Colorful scenery and all props needed for the production
  • “Helpful Hints and Checklist” on how to have a successful THEATERWEEK

Book Now to Secure Your Week

Our schedule books 1 to 2 years out with prime weeks going fast every year so call TODAY to reserve your school or organization’s week! Why not join us and observe a THEATERWEEK performance for yourself and see how it works? Just give us a call and we’ll set it up. You'll see a great performance with our enthusiastic THEATERWEEK actors delighting the audience –  you've got nothing to lose!

Contact Us Today

Give us a call, write us an email or complete the form on our “Contact Us” page – we'll be happy to tell you more. We even have a dedicated Facebook page where we post THEATERWEEK announcements, pictures and accomplishments of the week's participants. “LIKE US” so you won't miss out on any THEATERWEEK updates,

Other School Opportunities Available

Girls performing at THEATERWEEKWe have other unique fundraising opportunities for PTAs, PTOs, HSAs and school drama programs to present one of our professional touring shows with ticket sales directly benefitting their school. We can also conduct theater lectures or demonstration in your school. Call us today for more information. And if you have additional ideas we would love to brainstorm ways Taubenslag Productions can help you educate children in theater arts or raise money for your school – so give us a call.


We are so proud that our original THEATERWEEK workshop builds self-esteem and confidence in children. Our motto, “When you try your best, you can do anything”, truly embodies the spirit of THEATERWEEK. Over the years we have received hundreds of thank you letters and notes from schools, teachers, parents and show attendees as a testament to the success of THEATERWEEK. Here are just a few we’d like to share:

“I just wanted to commend you on the wonderful work you are doing with our children. Not only are you boosting their self-esteem and morale, but teaching lessons as well. As a grandparent of one of the students who participates in your plays, I see such an excitement in him to want to join. And I want to thank you so much. Keep up the great work… And again thanks so much for your contribution!”

Nancy Brandigon Bozza
Irwin School

THEATERWEEK - King and Queen

“A big thank you to Michael Taubenslag for giving my son Joey the confidence to perform on stage! We loved THEATERWEEK and can see why his Summer Theater Camp is such a hit!!”

Randee Soffer
Bowne-Munro School

THEATERWEEK - Bring children's theater to your school!

“Taubenslag Productions offers an outstanding opportunity for all children to participate in a top notch production that is energetic and full of life while building their individual self-esteem. I recommend THEATERWEEK to those schools seeking to offer students a rewarding experience that they will remember for many years.”

John A. Ravally, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Point Pleasant Beach School District

Josh and THEATERWEEK Performers

“THEATERWEEK is an amazing program for all children interested in theatre. Only Taubenslag Productions could manage 100+ children and deliver a quality show in one week’s time! Our children LOVE the experience and cannot wait each year for the production. A fun time by all! “

Ruth Boda
Brunswick Acres PTA

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“Taubenslag Productions is an awesome company! We have over 100 students sign up every year for THEATERWEEK. It is one of the most popular programs our PTA sponsors, mainly because every child gets a part – no one is turned away. It’s amazing what the children accomplish in one week! Parents love it too – the shows are FUN!”

Rachel Gavin
Chittick School PTA

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“Thank you ever so much for the work you did with the children from Holy Innocents School. You have helped my granddaughter make a change in her life by stepping out of her shell and onto the stage. Thanks again.”

Mary White
Holy Innocents School

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“What a fun week – what a fundraiser! The children experienced being in a theatrical production, and the whole family got to enjoy the outcome.”

Judy McCormack
Martin Luther King Elementary School PTA

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“I have been dealing with your company 5 years, seen 5 different shows, and I have never been the least disappointed. In one short week you bring out the talent, the enthusiasm, and the joy of drama in all types of students. The audience is always delighted by the end result.”

Sister Pat, Principal
St. Anthony School

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“The feedback I received from parents, teachers, and most important – the children, was all extremely positive. The example you set with your energy, good spirit, sense of humor, and focus demonstrated outstanding practice in teaching. BRAVO!”

William Sheridan, Principal
R.D. Wood School

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“Since last year’s play I had intentions to thank you for sharing your theatrical talents with the students. My daughter has enjoyed performing in your school productions since the 1st grade at James Madison. Last year she played the role of Granny in the play. Your productions are wonderful. Giving each child an opportunity to experience stage performance is a great source to aid in the self-esteem, confidence, teamwork and group development. Thank you for making it possible for her to play Rose in this year’s Beauty and the Beast play. Your company will be missed next year as she attends Middle School at John Adams.

Sheila Barron-Johnson
James Madison

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“The kids loved it! The parents were amazed at the outcome. The audience – a standing ovation. Bravo, and thank you.”

Patricia Moore
Cornwall Elementary School PTA

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“THEATERWEEK is truly a winning situation for all involved. The fact that the entire production is condensed into one week is amazing. It’s even better that you are not a faculty member and the students can’t feel any favoritism. I am so grateful that we have involved our school with your company and look forward to working with you again and again.”

Kristine Wilkes
G. Harold Antrim School PTO

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“Thank you so much Michael for all you do!! It is magic how you can take 170 students and teach them a play in 4 days!! It still amazes me how it all comes together so fast!!”

Danielle Raimondo Ingenito
Frank Defino Central School

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

“My granddaughter in in 3rd grade and my grandson is in 1st grade. Last night they were both in the “Silly Adventures of Sinbad”. It was her second show since she was in last year’s “Brave Little Tailors”. Although my grandson wasn’t sure he wanted to participate, he played a pirate and had a wonderful time. I am just writing to commend the school for having these productions each year. The children LOVE them and speaking for the audience, I love them too. For the amount of time they have to prepare, the shows are just so much fun and really put such a good message across – try your best and you can do anything. It is a wonderful tradition to have each year. Please keep doing so.

Christina Feil Garrity
St. Albert the Great

Children on stage at THEATERWEEK

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